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Unleashing the Power of Stories in Your Organisation

Welcome to a transformative journey where stories become the cornerstone of genuine kinship. In the dynamic landscape of today’s workplace, the value of authentic connections with employees is immeasurable—they drive productivity, foster loyalty, and elevate your company’s impact.

The Challenge:

Capturing the rich tapestry of your people’s stories faces some barriers:

  • A reluctance to share in the workplace due to a lack of safety.
  • Stigma surrounding vulnerability.
  • Feelings of incompetence in expressing oneself in writing.
  • A fear that individual stories lack value.

The Solution:

Enter STORYmag, a tangible and metaphysical example to how your organisation values storytelling and respects the narratives within.
By sponsoring and distributing STORYmag to your people, you not only communicate this commitment but also inspire and empower your workforce to share and connect. 

How it works:

  • Your logo graces the front cover
  • A full-page artistic advertisement in STORYmag of your brand message.
  • Opportunity to create special editions, campaigns and engagement collaborations through STORYmag.
  • A collaborative session where we introduce:
    – the STORYmag initiative
    – the meaning behind the collaboration
    – our story-gathering process
    – the significance of unifying your organisation through story

How does your organisation’s story align with the personal missions of your team members? This alignment is crucial for driving both meaningful and impactful progress.

  • Story Writing
    An interactive storytelling session that introduces STORYmag storytelling to your team(s). This session will inspire your team to frame up and express their individual stories using effective storytelling principles, creative exercises, and practical writing tips. A task will be set so the team can develop their story (stories can remain anonymous if preferred).

  • Story Sharing
    An opportunity to come together to connect, acknowledge, and share for a positive work culture, where we will lace together individual stories into a cohesive team narrative, creating synergy, understanding and growth.

The culmination of the workshop stories in a bespoke digital or printed masterpiece, a unique reflection of your organisation’s collective narrative, one to share, and celebrate internally and externally.

Embark on a journey of connection, growth, and empowerment.

Contact us to redefine your organisational story, 
one narrative at a time – 
call Clare Miles 0411 405 652 or send an email.


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Unlock the Power of Brand Narratives with story brands

Welcome to STORYbrands, an extension of the storytelling magic that transforms not just companies and people but entire brands.

Crafting Change with Purpose

At STORYbrands, we’re on a mission to infuse purpose into businesses, to guide brands towards a meaningful transformation. Connecting the dots between people and brand through the art of storytelling.

Crafting Narratives
for Impact

Collaborating with marketers, social enterprises, community leaders, and business owners, STORYbrands becomes the compass that defines your organisational direction. We tell stories by crafting narratives that resonate, connect, and communicate real value.

In the vast realm of brands, let STORYbrands be your guiding storyteller.


Work with STORY Mag’s art director BIANCA LOIACONO

“How do you want your audience to feel?”
A creative storyteller and visual adapter, Bianca’s superpower is her ability to weave art, illustration, and creative direction, bringing feeling to life.


Through a ‘less is more’ approach, Bianca will pare back the unnecessary and create strength and clarity around the necessary, evoking an emotional kinship to brand.



Understand in a “felt” way what you want to say/impart/tell 


Step out, take in all of the information and visual environment presented as it stands


Re-look at purpose, personality, intention


Step back in and refine/streamline intention with clarity and space through the use of:

  • copy/language (editing, refining, creating) +/or edit/refinement of unnecessary
  • language/convolution
    limit text where possible by replacing words with illustrations, colour, graphics or art in order to communicate story or message 
  • produce visual aesthetics [content] via illustrations/graphics/colour/design/animation/art 

To work with Bianca – call 0414 461 473 or send an email.